Our Founding Story, Tips on Stuff to Do, and More!

a group of students and staff stand in front of the Black Oak at Lost RIver Vacations with trees in the background.

Why We Created Lost River Vacations

We hosted the West Virginia School for the Deaf recently. As Deaf business owners, witnessing the language deprivation in these kids was heartbreaking yet motivating. Our aim is to reshape perceptions, advocate for sign language, and to create equitable experiences. Lost River Vacations is more than an escape; it’s a

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Reconnect And Unwind In The Wilderness At Our Unique Retreat

Escape to Lost River Vacations in West Virginia for a soul-soothing retreat. Embrace adventure with hiking, relaxing, and campfires. Unplug and bond with loved ones through outdoor activities or intimate moments. This 22-acre sanctuary promotes an eco-friendly stay, allowing guests to rejuvenate while supporting conservation. Rediscover yourself in nature’s embrace.

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It’s Been a Long Time Coming…

Whoa. Has it really been over a year since the last time we wrote a blog entry?! That’s what happens when one is running several businesses that are all thriving! Good problems to have, for sure.  What have we been up to over the last year anyway?! As those who

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Our Favorite Eats and Sights

Hi everyone. Hope you have all been doing well. We’re doing great! The Black Oak has been an awesome addition to our property. The hot tub is amazing in the snow! One of the most common questions we get from our intrepid renters is regarding what there is to eat

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The Black Oak is Here!

One global pandemic later, here we are, bloody but unbowed. As the world cataclysmed around us with the struggles of many ills in our society, as well as so much more, it has been a tough year for so many people. We are extremely grateful to still be able to

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Happy New Year!

Well, it is 2021. It has been three years since the seed of our idea was planted, and what a productive three years it has been, as well as unpredictable. None of us would have predicted that we would be in the middle of a global pandemic, or any of

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Some Numbers!

Lost River Vacations was born in 2018, with a public launch party and associated Kickstarter that raised close to $30,000. We brought the community on our journey as we built and established our first tiny house, the Acorn, on 22 acres of wilderness in Mathias, WV. In June 2019, we welcomed

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image of dirt road with trees and sunlight shining through

Strange Times

Everyone kicked off the new year with excitement, expecting that it would bring us a decade of new opportunities and achieving new things. However, in the third month of the new year, our lives have changed irrevocably…

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What’s Up with Us?!

Hi everyone! Hope you have had a great start to your summers 🙂 We know it’s been a while (already over a month – time flies!) since the closure of our Kickstarter. We have been busy welcoming our first few guests (all of whom gave us five star reviews and

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Kickstarter is Almost Over!

HEADS UP! OUR KICKSTARTER HAS LESS THAN 24 HOURS LEFT! If you?ve been telling yourself you?ll pick up that cool t-shirt, autographed artwork, or discounted stay at Lost River Vacations soon, today is the day! Now is the hour! This is the moment!

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The Deaf Ecosystem

We could never have done this without the support of our community. Read more about the help we received and our future plans here.

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