What a Great Summer!

This summer flew by. In the blink of an eye, here we are looking at October. The fall is one of our favorite times in Lost River, as the leaves turn into thousands of majestic hues of flame and sunshine. Our guests have been enjoying The Clerc tremendously, as glowing five star reviews can attest to. We’re delighted to report that we have 100% 5 star reviews and have hosted over thirty guests! Truly, an auspicious start, and we’re excited to keep the momentum up! 

Over the summer, we began work on leveling our road, which is required by the Highway Department as we are a commercial business. We are working with a Deaf West Virginian on this project, which we hope to have completed by 2020. After the road is completed, we will begin construction on our second dwelling, which is planned to be ‘off the grid’ and designed for couples. More information on those is upcoming. We are also working on creating trails. All of our Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled as of this writing (except for some rentals) – please contact us if you were expecting something and didn’t get it. 

Oh yes, and check out our beautiful sign (made by Deaf!) now posted on the property. It’s solar powered so you can’t miss us! We also were featured in several other news articles, including national and international television news. We spoke for several events and panels including one for entrepreneurship in the city of DC, and presented to several Gallaudet classes. We have more presentations and panels coming up through the rest of this year as well.

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"
Martin Luther king

We have a last minute cancellation for this weekend, so head on over to our booking calendar, as it’s the last available weekend before December! Whoa Nellie. That’s not the only reason we’re here blogging today. Yes, we’re overdue for some blogs, and will be posting more about Deaf businesses, the Lost River Valley, and much more in the coming months. Keep an eye out for those! Really, we’re here because, maybe you noticed, the website is redesigned with a new theme!

The major addition, as promised, is a storefront! We are now selling shirts and other gear. We have collaborations with Deaf artists planned for more shirts, art prints, and other stuff that we will add over time. Right now, we have 16 different items for you to choose from, some one-of-a-kind! So head on over to that SHOP link in the menu up on top or just click this button if that’s too much work for you…. 

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