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Strange Times

Everyone kicked off the new year with excitement, expecting that it would bring us a decade of new opportunities and achieving new things. However, in the third month of the new year, our lives have changed irrevocably with the pandemic, which we’re sure you have read more than enough about. With this ‘new normal,’’ comes many changes, and strange times.

What has not changed is nature, and what it does for us. Clearly nature is the place everyone goes to reconnect and/or stay busy since this pandemic (COVID-19) started. People are going out for a stroll with their loved ones, running, and spending time in their local parks. It has been a good reminder for us to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors even more than ever. This is our main reason behind establishing Lost River Vacations. We wanted to have space where everyone can go and be reminded of the beauty of appreciating nature. Remember, the best things in life are wild and free. Keep reading to hear more about what we’re up to.

Since the start of this pandemic, we’ve been gearing up to ensure our tiny house would be available and sanitized for our guests. It has been a much needed escape for several guests so far, and we were looking forward to having more guests come. Unfortunately, Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia issued a “Stay At Home” order last Monday, March 23. This order states that only essential businesses can remain open while it is in effect. Sadly, Lost River Vacations is not considered an essential business. We understand his decision, but our heart is still heavy from having to close our tiny house until further notice. When we started the business, we would have never guessed that we could be closed due to a worldwide pandemic.


"These are strange times. Reason, which once combatted faith and seemed to have conquered it, now has to look to faith to save it from dissolution."
Johan Huizinga

However, one must find a silver lining in each dark cloud. Here is ours. It has been amazing seeing how our Deaf community has stepped up to support each other in so many ways. We would like to recognize and send our gratitude to Jason Coleman of JC Sports Performance.

For those of you who do not know him, he is a fitness trainer. He decided to offer free live workouts through his Instagram account for anyone to follow from their homes during this crisis. Many Deaf people have been following these workouts to stay active at home.On top of that, he has been promoting different Deaf-owned businesses by wearing their t-shirts during his workouts. While last Monday was a hard day for us, he made this blue day better by featuring Lost River Vacations during his workout. The sweat game was real, and everyone sweated a river as evidenced by this photo!

Photo ID: Instagram post from Jason Coleman wearing our original t-shirt soaked in a river of sweat after his live workout.

Be sure to check him out on the web and follow his social media and try his workouts!

Also, be sure to buy our gear! Our online store is OPEN and orders will be sent out to you at home, so grab some gear to help support us in this unique and unpredictable time. While we are closed, we are working actively on our blueprints and plans for houses #2 and #3, which we hope to build this summer!

Now, more than ever, we need each other to get through this. Our families, friends, and small businesses need each one of us. However small or big your act of support is, it will go a long way. We look forward to opening up our tiny house to all of you when the time comes. Until then, stay well and be sure to spend a few minutes outside. Oh, yes, and buy an item or two from our online store, while you’re here. We hope that all of you are safe and healthy and will continue to be until the end of this strange ‘new normal’ period of our lives.

Love to all of you from us.

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