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the origin video

created for our successful Kickstarter that raised 30k in 30 days

Our public story began with our launch party in late April 2018.

At the party, which we wrote about in our blog post which you can read here, the Deaf ecosystem showed up to support us and it was awesome. We announced our launch, showed the above video, sold gear, and had a raffle supported by Deaf business owners. Gallaudet and Convo co-sponsored the launch party.

We also announced the launch of our month-long Kickstarter campaign, which finished in late May. It was extremely successful, with nearly 200% of the $15,000 goal met. We had amazing support from our community! We currently have two houses on our land. We are working on more houses and other improvements to our land.


Even though our Kickstarter is over, you can still support us in several different ways.


Buy Our Cool Gear!

We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, hats, and art purchased from Deaf artists in our store. Check them out and buy today.

Come Stay With Us!

We would love to host you and your family or friends. Take a look at our booking calendar and book today.

Follow Us and Tell Others!

Follow us on social media and tell your friends, family, co-workers about us! Book them a stay as a gift!


Many people don’t know much about the Deaf community or Deaf people. Maybe you know the ABCs in sign language, or have seen Nyle DiMarco somewhere, or watched one of the recent movies with Deaf characters. However, let’s be honest here. Unless you have really had first-hand experience with a Deaf person, your reaction is one of pity, to say, “Oh I’m so sorry!” Many hearing people cannot fathom what it must be like to live in a world without sound. We’re here to tell you it’s really kind of cool.

We have something called Deaf Gain, which means that our visual perception among other senses is enhanced. Maybe it’s time the world stopped seeing us as people to be helped, people to feel sorry for, and started realizing how awesome we really are. Lost River Vacations is just one of many efforts to reframe the Deaf community, and to expose the larger world to our phenomenal talent. Lost River Vacations is 100% Deaf-Owned. All of our homes are built by Deaf craftspeople. Our website and logo were built by Deaf designers. The artwork on our walls was created by Deaf people. The photographs and videos on this site were taken by Deaf people. We are Deaf.

Below, find the profiles of the three owners of Lost River Vacations. All three are already owners of their own businesses, and are strong believers in entrepreneurship and community empowerment through investing in our community. The three owners are Gallaudet University Alumnae and are proud to be both Deaf and American Sign Language users.



Jane Jonas

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Interests: Literature, Animals, the Outdoors, Jigsaw & Crossword Puzzles, Technology, Lattes and Gourmet Food.
Owner: Eyeth Studios.


Shawn Harrington

Hometown: Frederick, MD
Interests: Renovations, Outdoor Adventures, Cats, Coffee, Computer Games and Sports.
Co-Owner: NSH Properties.


Andrew St Cyr

Hometown: New Orleans, LA Interests: Hiking, Canoeing, Filmmaking, his dog Mani, and being a super-fan for the Washington Caps.
Co-Owner: PhenomWorks Productions.

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