Our Founding Story, Tips on Stuff to Do, and More!

The Build: Part Two

For the interior of the tiny house, it was clear to us that the design of the first house should reflect the wild and rural nature of the Lost River area.

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The Build: Part One

We knew that we had to do this project right, and that all starts with the foundation. With a tiny house, the foundation is a trailer frame…

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Tiny House Lowdown

What brought us to the idea of tiny houses, and what are some of the benefits of this type of vacation rental? First, it?s all about the experience.

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Why Lost River?

The winding country roads, mountains, creeks, and tall trees felt magical, and we couldn?t stop marveling at the fact that this existed just two hours from the DC metro area.

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The Genesis of an Idea

It started in the way that most big ideas do; as a bit of conversation along with a bit of intoxication, something to be toyed with and built upon.

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