Tiny House Lowdown

What brought us to the idea of tiny houses, and what are some of the benefits of this type of vacation rental?

First, it’s all about the experience. Being in a place that is custom designed, with nature surrounding you, is a special experience. We came up with this idea in mid-2017, after watching shows on HGTV and seeing the interest in tiny home living increase exponentially and rapidly.

More than just being a vacation rental, we look to provide experiences. Funnily enough, right after we started this project, Getaway, a tiny house vacation rental hub, launched and received quite a bit of investment and positive press, which only increased our confidence that we are truly within the zeitgeist of the times.

“People are yearning to find a counterbalance to the digital age,” says Getaway founder and CEO Jon Staff. “Cities are great, but nature can provide things the city doesn’t. Technology is powerful, but we can’t be connected all the time. Tiny houses capture the minimalism and simplicity that went out of style … but seems to be coming back in reaction to a world that has become too busy, complicated and stressful.”

"Everything looks cute when it is small."
Cynthia Rowley

The tiny house atmosphere encourages intimacy, while providing storage space in clever ways, such as drawers under the bed, stackable chairs, fold down table, and more – we will do a blog post dedicated to the interior features of our first tiny house at some point, don’t worry!

When having this experience, it can also help you consider whether full-time tiny house living might be for you – giving you a taste of the pared down lifestyle. They are also good investments- houses less than 500 feet have appreciated twice as fast as the general real estate market.

Here are some more benefits of full-time tiny living:

  • Lower cost of tiny home vs purchasing a regular home or renting
  • Ability to travel and transport home anywhere!
    Adopt a more minimal lifestyle
  • Less carbon footprint

Not too shabby. Every area in the tiny house has a purpose, and for minimalists, or those trying to be, this is enjoyable to experience. KonMari your life, even if it’s just for a weekend!

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