The Build: Part Three

After exulting in the phenomenal support of our community (again, we’re so awed, thankful, and grateful for all of our Kickstarter backers), and responding, then recovering from the overwhelming amount of enthusiastic interest we received from the wonderful Washington Post article (the cover of Metro!), we’re finally returning to scheduled programming, and rewinding the calendars to last Fall, and continuing our build story…

After many weeks hunkered in the warehouse while Shawn built the entire structure, customized and from scratch, our tiny house was finally ready to be towed to West Virginia.  We hired a professional, bonded and insured truck hauler to bring the house on the two+ hour trip to Lost River. There was a nerve-wracking moment of getting the house out of the warehouse, with only inches to spare! Check out the picture at right. 

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."
Winston Churchill

Of course, after all those hours and days spent inside, on top of, and around the tiny house, Shawn couldn’t allow the hauler to haul it without his watchful (well, hawkish) eyes on it the whole way. Check out the video of the house arriving below! Of course, things did not go smoothly but we managed to make it work, like we always do. A water main exploding at our location mere hours before a huge event? The party must go on, has been our mantra from the beginning.

So, of course the journey with the tiny house was epic, to say the least. The roof started detaching halfway to Lost River, and they had to pull over and strap it down. In addition, the entire trip was spent worrying that the huge glass window for the bedroom might crack. It didn’t, fortunately for us. We had Calvin Young come out to capture footage of the whole process, and of course the weekend that we had planned for (with gorgeous fall foliage) was cloudy and rainy. 

The road hadn’t been fully finished yet (of course it hadn’t) and with the rains, the road, lot and entrance turned into a huge mud pit with a tiny waterfall gushing down it. Since we had already booked the haul weeks in advance and were all out there for filming, we could not reschedule. The party must go on. So we brought the tiny house, and fortunately for us our excavator knew of a place that we could store it temporarily while the road dried out. A day or two later, it was towed up.  Check out the video below!

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