The Build: Part Two

For the interior of the tiny house, it was clear to us that the design of the first house should reflect the wild and rural nature of the Lost River area. We used a lot of cedar, with the exterior siding composed of cedar, and interior composed of cedar as well. This also resists bugs, and has a nice smell. The electricity and plumbing were also installed at this point, with a separate light for the bedroom and recessed lighting throughout. A toilet, and shower, as well as kitchen sink were put in next. We decided to use cast iron and oil rubbed bronze for fixtures and finishings, and sourced one-of-a-kind details from antique stores and Deaf artists.

We agreed that the beds had to be super comfortable, and went out to test-drive literally dozens of mattresses before making our final choice. That goes for both the loft and main bed! We also sourced high-quality linens and towels, as we know that these make a huge difference in your stay.

"Whatever good things we build end up building us.”
Jim Rohn

In addition, all of our kitchen supplies are high-end and awesome – please handle them with care! Of course, we ensure your comfort with an all in one heating and AC system that can be used to quickly warm or cool the interior to your preference. The drawer and ladder were both custom built by a Deaf carpenter. The forest green metal roof and exterior motion-activated lights complete the design.

We agreed that our tiny house should be a place that we would want to return to, and we gave both time and love to this project. The results are something that we are very proud of. We hope you fall in love too, and come back often.

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