Going to the mountains is going home.'' -John Muir


Our Founding Story, Tips on Stuff to Do, and More!

What’s Up with Us?!

Hi everyone! Hope you have had a great start to your summers 🙂 We know it’s been a while (already over a month – time flies!) since the closure of our Kickstarter. We have been busy welcoming our first few guests (all of whom gave us five star reviews and

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Kickstarter is Almost Over!

HEADS UP! OUR KICKSTARTER HAS LESS THAN 24 HOURS LEFT! If you’ve been telling yourself you’ll pick up that cool t-shirt, autographed artwork, or discounted stay at Lost River Vacations soon, today is the day! Now is the hour! This is the moment!

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The Deaf Ecosystem

We could never have done this without the support of our community. Read more about the help we received and our future plans here.

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The Land

We have already told you a little bit about the Lost River Valley in previous posts, and we will do more to highlight Wardensville, Mathias, and other nearby Wild and Wonderful locations. Let’s talk a little bit about our land in this post, and about why we picked this location.

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The Build: Part Three

After exulting in the phenomenal support of our community (again, we’re so awed, thankful, and grateful for all of our Kickstarter backers), and responding, then recovering from the overwhelming amount of enthusiastic interest we received from the wonderful Washington Post article (the cover of Metro!), we’re finally returning to scheduled

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The Build: Part Two

For the interior of the tiny house, it was clear to us that the design of the first house should reflect the wild and rural nature of the Lost River area.

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The Build: Part One

We knew that we had to do this project right, and that all starts with the foundation. With a tiny house, the foundation is a trailer frame…

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Tiny House Lowdown

What brought us to the idea of tiny houses, and what are some of the benefits of this type of vacation rental? First, it’s all about the experience.

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Why Lost River?

The winding country roads, mountains, creeks, and tall trees felt magical, and we couldn’t stop marveling at the fact that this existed just two hours from the DC metro area.

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